Planning to develop some crops although have a space accessible, then watch that space!


Selection of container is important: –


Plastic pots        

All these are inexpensive, light and durable plus they keep the soil moist, nevertheless, they could turn brittle and crack and they aren’t the very attractive.

Terracotta pots

All these are made from coconut oil and are extremely attractive nevertheless they are thick, break easily and are susceptible to freeze damage.

Glass fiber containers

These may be molded and colored in a lot of ways. They can seem like rock but, naturally, are lighter and they’re durable, powerful and repairable. They are more expensive than another material.

Reconstituted Stone

All these are ruined rock molded to shape. Vases and imitation urns are extremely appealing but heavy. In light of this burden they need to be employed with care at balconies or roof gardens.

Window boxes

All these can be found in many different materials such as plastic, wood, metal, terracotta. Wooden flower boxes offer better insulation than metal or plastic, using Cedar being the top (if you’re able to find it) because this is the most resistant to rust. Pine is not as costly, but this ought to be treated. It’s ideal to prevent timber preservatives.



The box must be at least 200mm (8ins) heavy to permit for root growth and to stop the soil drying out too fast.


Rather than filling the box Should you want you can set pots within the window. This permits you shift them around and to lift them out. Additionally, it lowers the burden of this window box.


Ensure that the pots which you put in the box and the box have drainage holes the crops will get waterlogged.


The box will probably require watering daily, aim to maintain the soil moist but not waterlogged although in.


Pick growing plants if you would like light. Climbers are another alternative since they may be trained against the wall across the window.


If the box is wrapped in an exposed place, i.e. onto a wall or balcony, then make sure it’s fixed with mounts or solid wire. They can become hazardous although winds can’t just harm boxes.


Use girl’s pantie liners to line of hanging baskets, the base – that the gel functions like the gel crystals also absorbs water. Infants disposable nappies also function (clean one’s thoughts you!!!)


When repotting plants place a teabag within this and the hole permits out water but also keep out the pests.


Consult your greengrocer for the paper separators used to prevent them bruising. Soak for one hour in water, so they can be molded to match hanging baskets. These are simple to plant through and last a year.