The moment the danger of frosts is beyond planting out can start in earnest.

Originally the cold period is going to need to be covered during the night, but slowly the cover could be left so eventually the plants will be ready to plant out in the garden.

It’s almost always best to plant in the morning or in the day. This allows plants take up water in the ground in addition to minimising pressure in the midday heat.


Other crops, like shrubs and trees, may also be implanted but the roots will need to be completely soaked before planting. If the crops have been awarded an occasional drenching on the summer instead of routine watering this can encourage roots to look for water to themselves rather than rely on regular watering.

To minimise staking a few crops could be awarded a’Chelsea Chop’. This is the place where the stalks are pinched back with a third to a half of the original size. It creates a subsequent flowering plant that’s more streamlined and self supportive.

A mild trim keeps a fantastic shape, but older plants which have outgrown their space may be pruned back into older wood making a stump.

This may appear extreme but if the crops are provided a fantastic feed and mulch they’ll respond immediately.

Keep along with these weeds by hoeing in the afternoon and leaving the weeds to shrivel in sunlight.

Last importantly, do not forget to respect your hard work and revel in your backyard.